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Did not pass also month from the moment of my return from the Spanish proceedings on the case of Igor Radionov's threats (the relative surprisingly of decent and extremely rich people) as events began to develop directly in the eyes. First, my lawyers informed that notification about inquiry of official examination in the appropriate competent authorities regarding compliance of a voice of Igor Radionov to that voice which sounded at me in the receiver came from court, and was written down by me.

It is already serious: if experts of local law enforcement agencies after court recognize authenticity of a voice of Radionov (and in it I have no doubts), then business will automatically pass into the category criminal with the corresponding consequences for the defendant.

Perhaps, for this reason "the Spanish torsida" of the former beneficiary of the Tver glass plant became more active. In the blog spiteful and ambiguous comments on my article "The Spanish bullfight fell down: "the marbelsky bull" hoofs", several times on my smartphone inquiries but determination of my location on Google maps arrived, idiotic rhymes with a hint came, few times called from Algeria and Tunisia, but did not answer, and only breathed in a tube, I think, for the purpose of intimidation.

In other words, "the Marbelsky bullfight" passed into an active phase. That intentions of opponents are serious there are no doubts. The former partner on Igor Radionov's business Sergey Antimenko in a conversation with me told that already attempted upon his life twice, on it there are proofs, and they will be soon shown...

And so far I publish the official statement of Sergey Antimenko in the blog. I keep style and spelling in author's option, without changing anything.


On May 10, 2017 I took off from Russia to Spain. I made it according to the recommendation of my former business partner in Russia Igor Anatolyevich Radionov. According to him, me to be in Russia it was unsafe, and he recommended the city of Alicante as my old friends Diego and Juan live in this city, and it will not be boring for me to one. The organization of my trip, he charged rent of apartments, lease of the car to the assistant Thomas who lives in Spain where precisely, I do not know. Thomas is a citizen of Estonia, he has in Spain a car of white color: Porsche, a panamer on the Estonian numbers. Its phone numbers + 3462865XXXX and + 3464626XXXX. He reserved for me apartments to Alicante, area San Juan, the address: Avenida de Brusselas, 19, apartment 324, through the LEO agency which is in the same place – Alicante, San Juan. The contact person – Larisa, phone + 3460340XXXX. According to Thomas's recommendation I arrived not in Alicante, and to Barcelona, there I was met by his assistant Janec. The Estonian, phone + 3465730XXXX, by rolling car, white Skoda, number 689XXXX, DELPASO distribution company.

Payment for the car was made from the credit card of Thomas, and the contract was issued on Janec. From the airport of Barcelona we with Janec moved to Alicante on the apartment. As envisioned by Thomas Janec had to remain with me all the time, but I sent him from myself for the third day, than Thomas was not satisfied. Thomas regularly called me and was interested where I and that I do. In some of days I called Igor Radionov and asked a question when we meet and where: in Alicante or in Marbella where it has apartments to the address: Marbella, Elviriya hills, block B, apartment 14. Earlier I many times came to Spain, and always stopped at it, and lived a long time, but this time he sent me to Alicante. To us was about what to talk and to discuss subjects as it on bank accounts had joint money. On what he told that he is not ready yet, and will report when and where we will meet. On June 11, approximately at 9 in the morning, I was called by Thomas and told that they with Igor Radionov will be in Alicante, in the center hotel, Meliya Alicante, by 13-00, and asked me to approach there. I arrived to this time, and met in the hall of this hotel. Thomas under a pretext that he needs to talk over with the girl, departed, and we communicated with Igor minutes 40. Then they told that it is still far to go to Marbella, and it is time for them. According to them, they arrived from Barcelona where they met someone, but in the car Thomas: white Porsche, a panamer, they were together. On June 30 the term of rent of apartments in which I lived ended, and I had to rent through the same agency other apartments in San Juan, but to other address: Avenida Benedorm, 12, the Flamingo complex. After moving, probably having lost me from a field of vision, Thomas called me on July 9 and asked as lease of the car made more than 50 days, to arrive on it to Meliya Alicante hotel and to make against the background of hotel of several photo of the car and to send by e-mail which it sent me by SMS: olgaXXX@mail.ru. I did not go to hotel, and made a car photo directly at the house - the name of the house was clearly visible there: The flamingo, also sent a photo on this e-mail address. Later Thomas called back and specified about this house: whether there is it in the same place in Alicante, San Juan. I confirmed that in the same place. From July 4th to July 10th at me on the apartment Diego and Juan - my old friends lived. In the afternoon usually we went to the beach, it in 200 meters from the house, I and they paid attention that constantly from outside watched 2 persons us: one by bicycle, another on foot. They got to our field of vision many times, but we did not attach it significance. On July 10th to me my girl Zhanna arrived. On July 12th, during walk in the evening on the embankment of San Juan, approximately at 22-00, the young man approached us from crowd: age about a year 32, height about 170 cm, a harmonious constitution, dark shortly short-haired hair, in shorts, an undershirt and sneakers. He asked Zhanna to step aside because he wanted to talk to me. He spoke Russian, but with accent as Chechens speak and on appearance he resembled the Chechen.

Zhanna departed on a half-step, but saw everything and heard. He began a conversation with what told me: and you know what you was ordered? I was taken aback. He told that he is Chechen, went out of prison two months ago, and offered it work on my physical elimination. He told to me the name of the customer: Thomas, the Estonian, lives in Spain, offered 25000 euros for work. Then he adduced arguments which only the informed person could know. I from Moscow, at me in Spain am a partner who decided to eliminate me because of money on business in Russia. According to him, I was invited in Alicante because here I one, and in the evening on the way home darkly, is not present cameras, and it is easily possible to eliminate. He also told that, according to Thomas, in Moscow it is more difficult to make it as I go on affairs with the driver and protection, and houses also protect me, it is the truth. He accurately told me where and when recently I was, and it is the truth, also told that for me two persons constantly look, and I immediately remembered that two which were come into the view several times. Also told that, talking to me, he strongly risks. Adduced still arguments that at first I rented apartment on Avenida Bryuseles then I came to a meeting in Melia Alicante hotel with Thomas, and one more which he does not know, there that me and was shown when Thomas allegedly departed to talk to the girl. Also he told that Thomas asked me to approach to Melia Alicante hotel to photograph the car, according to him, it was necessary in order that me to track as I replaced the apartment, but having sent a photo from the house of the Flamingo, I to them facilitated search, also he perfectly knew the apartment and that it is the second floor. According to him, he needs money, but he does not want to kill. He suggested me to disappear for two weeks since July 13th and to call nobody, so I to myself will keep life, and he will receive money. He told that it in Malaga has a visagiste who can make up the person under «ognestrel», and showed several such photos on the phone. I refused, on what he told that he will think up what to tell where a body. On it also left, I in the same day moved more saw than nothing strange.

Having moved to other country, I waited two weeks, called nobody. On the expiration of this term I called Radionov and listened to a lot of negative because of my absence. After I asked it about a meeting to discuss this situation in the neutral territory as I was afraid for the life. He called back next day and told that he is ready to a meeting. But not he will arrive, and his assistants: Gennady Ilyin and Thomas. Determined by the meeting place Tunisia.

To a meeting there arrived Gennady Ilyin and Thomas. The conversation was begun with a question of my version of all event. I stated the facts. Thomas told that he knows this person, and they asked it to look after illegally me that know what about me occurs. But it is that person wanted to earn, and thought up all this that I was gone for a while, and he told them that I was kidnapped, and he for money can save me! Totally ludicrous, but not the version.

Thomas told that I needed to go to Igor and to talk, on my argument that it is not clear to me who is who in this situation, he agreed that my reaction is clear. After all, it turns out that I could be eliminated easily both in Russia, and on them nobody would think. The fact that Igor dislikes me, is not the reason for the order.

He explained the purpose of the arrival with the fact that they not and therefore it is necessary to smooth a situation.

Further told the following: he receives good money, and Igor's safety his priority if something happens to Igor, it will tear all. Nothing threatens me, they want the world, but not war.

However after this meeting, probably, on prevention of any actions, they, Thomas and Gennady, wrote the lawsuit to the court of the city of Marbella on me, allegedly I asked them to find the person for money to eliminate Igor. Rare nonsense, his right and left hand, people to whom it pays money for the safety!!!! Which on a conversation said to me that they will tear any for Igor!!!!! Ridiculously. But at the time of my arrival to Spain, I was detained and interrogated according to this statement. At the moment I prepared documents on slander.